Emergency Alert System Activation (EAS)

For this exercise, the EAS Puerto Rico will be activated in coordination with the Puerto Rico Broadcast Association through the following communication: radio, TV, cable TV, and NOAA radio.  The real tsunami warning code, TWS, will be used during the exercise.  This message will be issued starting at 11:00 AM on March 21, 2024, by the National Weather Service (San Juan Forecast Office) to announce the Tsunami Warning for Puerto Rico, according to the determined scenario for the exercise.  The EAS activation is a way used to verify that in a critical real situation, different communication means (TV, radio, cable, etc.) will be available to inform the community.  It is important to clarify that the PRSN is NOT authorized to issue this product, therefore, this issuance is coordinated by the PREMB and the National Weather Service (San Juan Forecast Office) and has been authorized by the FCC.  For the activations of the emergency alert systems on the Virgin Islands please follow official instructions from the emergency management agencies, VITEMA (US Virgin Islands), or DDM (British Virgin Islands).


In case of a real event, the EAS is activated on the first message for WARNING/ADVISORY/WATCH of a tsunami for Puerto Rico.


Coastal municipalities recognized as Tsunami Ready, are encouraged to test their emergency sirens during the Caribe Wave 2024 exercise at 11:00 am. We encourage the general community to stay alert to the activation of the Coastal Sirens, WEA-PR, NOAA Radio, and EAS-PR system on March 21, 2024, as part of the CARIBE WAVE 2024 exercise.

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Public Information

U.S. Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

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Radio Spots*

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On March 21, starting at 11:00 am will take place the Tsunami Exercise CARIBE WAVE 2024. This exercise has the following objectives: to evaluate communications systems between emergency agencies and to promote community preparedness for a tsunami. To register as a participant and receive more information about the Caribe Wave 2024 Exercise, visit our website: caribewave.uprm.edu. Register today to participate in the annual tsunami exercise.

Public service message sponsored by the Puerto Rico Association of Radio Broadcasters.

*Currently the radio guidelines are being broadcast by radio stations affiliated with the Puerto Rico Association of Radio Broadcasters as a public service.


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